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Protecting the environment and ecosystem is a movement that started on a small scale in grass root organizations and academia and grew quickly into a cause championed by multiple organizations and countries. Politicians now address the issues of global warming and sustainability in speeches they give, and policies they represent. Government and private organizations like the EPA and the U.S. Green Building Council began in order to take on the cause of eco friendly building, development, and practices. Protecting the environment has become everyone's responsibility.

Individuals can make changes in their lifestyles to protect the environment, but the biggest changes will occur when companies and manufacturers embrace eco friendly practices. Many companies are making this transition, including companies that practice mining such as Arch Coal, CEMEX USA, CONSOL Energy, and Coeur d' Alene Mines. To increase support of environmental causes and create awareness around the eco friendly actions from these companies, Eco Friendly Practices has collected press releases and created a resource page that provides information about the chosen companies.

Each press release about Arch Coal, CEMEX USA, CONSOL Energy, and Coeur d'Alene Mines discuss the company's eco friendly activities. For example, CEMEX USA donated land that was once used for mining to the Fairborn, Ohio parks district which was then transformed into a wetland reserve. Additionally, Arch Coal received an award for environmental stewardship at one of its mines in West Virginia. Both acts made represent the overall effort made by businesses to incorporate eco friendly practices into their operations. The press releases found on Eco Friendly Practices shed light on the practices and awards given to mining companies for their eco friendly practices that deserve recognition.

Eco Friendly Practices also provides a resource page with descriptions of additional eco friendly stories involving Arch Coal, CEMEX USA, CONSOL Energy, and Coer d' Alene Mines. The brief descriptions allow the reader to click on a link and view the entire story. One eco friendly action does not make an eco friendly company, knowing more about the multiple activities will shed light onto the company's overall environmental policy. Reading additional stories about eco friendly activities also chronicles the changes companies are making that will allow them to use sustainable practices while moving towards the goal of becoming a green company. As one company makes eco friendly changes to its operation other companies will follow the example, greatly decreasing emission and reducing damage to the environment.

Use Eco Friendly Practices to research the efforts made by select mining companies to incorporate eco friendly practices into their operations!


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